Testified Discoveries made by Gigal Outside Egypt : 

January 2009:

Gigal re-discovered the existence of Pyramids in Mauritius Island (Plaine Magnien),
she authenticated the structures as true pyramids after very long years of forgetting by the world.
She entered in contact with Mauritius Authorities:
Feature article of reference: published in March 2009 in English, French, Italian,
in a lot of websites all around the world and in Mauritius newspapers and sites.

Link Article

March 2009:

Gigal made the Discovery with her team in Mauritius Island of huge structures around the pyramids. The contact with Mauritius Authorities was done. Feature article of reference published in a lot of International websites in English, French and Italian.

Link Article

June 2009:

Gigal discovered a lot of not yet identified pyramids in Sicily with her team and also: important structures near by and around the Etna volcano. She discovered different shapes of pyramids. Feature article of reference published in August 2009 in French, English, Italian.

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