Commandos (Science Fiction Thrilling Trilogy 

Year 2143. After World War III, the earth is no longer a safe shelter for people. It has become a very attractive place for terrorists groups with totalitarian ambitions. In free, separated zones there is still life. However, the most popular shelters are shuttles drifting in space.

Commandos, as fast as wind and as cunning as foxes, take care of new law and order. They are guardians of new times, roaming the immensity of space and following every step of their enemies.

This novel, with futuristic background, is really a story about bravery, understanding, friendship, and searching for love. It is full of emotions such as hatred, pain, and loneliness. A novel full of depth and character sure to entice any reader.

Madlen Namro builds her literary world very carefully. She creates deep relationships between her characters and includes interesting and natural dialogues. Undoubtedly, everybody will be able to recognize their own problems, concerns and dreams or simply a part of their own life in this book.

Commandos Thrilling Trilogy

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